Sport Support Line

Abuse, Harassment, Bullying or Hazing in Sport

SUPPORT LINE: 1-877-737-9875

We take our commitment to athlete safety very seriously and have established a Sport Support Line managed 365 days of the year to ensure community members participating in sport have an appropriate outlet to report abuse. In Manitoba the law requires that anyone who suspects a child may be in danger must report their concerns. The Support Line can assist you in making that report.

For Coaches

The reality is, many coaches take on more responsibility than they ever thought possible. Sometimes that means dealing with difficult, delicate and sometimes ethical or legal situations that they are not prepared for. 

For Parents & Administrators

Adults involved with sport (parents, spectators, officials, sport board members) may observe or be told about behaviours that are concerning and want advice or guidance on how to proceed/intervene.

For Athletes

When faced with a situation within sport and you are simply not sure where to turn for guidance or support, we strongly encourage you to use our Support Line. 

Please Call or Email

For any suspected incidents of abuse, harassment, bullying and hazing, call this number immediately. A trained staff person with decades of experience in sport related abuse prevention, risk management, dispute resolution and crisis intervention will assist with questions or concerns you may have. There is also an email address connected to the line for those who would prefer this method of contact.

For support, consultation, referral or resources please call toll free 1-877-737-9875 or email

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