When: December 1st, 2021
Where: Online

Nick Winkelman is the head of athletic performance & science for the Irish Rugby Football Union. His primary role is to oversee the delivery and development of strength & conditioning and sports science across all national and provincial teams. Prior to working for Irish Rugby, Nick was the director of education and training systems for EXOS. Nick completed his PhD with a dissertation focus on motor skill learning and sprinting. An internationally recognized speaker on human performance and coaching science, Nick has multiple peer reviewed publications and book chapters alongside his own book,  The Language of Coaching: The Art & Science of Teaching Movement. 

In this seminar, Nick will speak about the nature of performance coaching and the vital role communication plays in making a great coach. Attendance is open to any and all Manitoba coaches.






Dec. 1, 2021 – 12:00 p.m.



If you missed the lecture, you can watch it in its entirety here.