By Sam Cortes, Communications Coordinator

Every year, Sport Manitoba Performance designs a spook-tacular workout for our athletes to complete in the weeks leading up to Halloween. A series of spooky-themed exercises, this workout puts a fun and challenging twist on training that you can incorporate into your routine. Try it for yourself or gather your team and put your skills to the test!


Warlock’s Warmup (RAMP)


Pick your poison: cycle, skip, or jog



Total body 1 (20m)

  • Forward Skip with Arm Circles
  • Backward Skip with Arm Circles
  • Forward Skip with Arm Swings
  • Backward Skip with Arm Swings
  • Side Shuffle with Arm Swings



Total body 1

  • Deep Squat/Torso Rotation/Toe Touch 5X
  • World’s Greatest 5X/side
  • Thoracic Bridge 3X/Side
  • Side Lying Thoracic Extension/Rotation 6X/side



Upper body 2 in place (3-5m space required)

1.  Forward/Backward Bear Crawl 4-5X each way

2.  Lateral Bear Crawl 4-5X each way

3.  Yoga Push Ups 5X

4.  Quick Drop to Push Up Hold (2s at bottom)  5X


Candy corn 3 cone drill


The Workout

A1) Frankenstein (hands-free) front squat (3 x 5)


A2) Trick-or-treat farmer carry (3 x 50m)


A3) RIP (Renegade) rows (3 x 5 each side)


B1) Lift the dead (deadlifts) (3 x 6)


B2) Smashing pumpkins (rotational medicine ball slams in split stance) (3 x 6/side)*


B3) Incline bench scarecrows (3 x 6)


C1) Rising from the dead (TRX reverse flies) (3 x 6)


C2) Skull crushers (3 x 6)


C3) Stirring the Cauldron (Pallof press circles) (3 x 6/side)



Push the candy cart and race the reaper!

Sled pull and sprints (4 x 25m sled pull to unloaded 25m sprint)