Sport Manitoba

Strengthening Manitoba’s top athletic
talent and developing tomorrow’s stars

Sport Manitoba Performance is one of the province's premiere training centres. Hundreds of athletes, ranging from amateur to professional, from over 35 sports utilize the Performance Centre's services.

Athlete Services

Programs designed to fuel talent across all athletic disciplines

From performance nutrition to strengthening and conditioning, our comprehensive athlete services are designed to empower our clients with the mental and physical skill sets they need to achieve their full athletic potential.


Performance Dance

This program focuses on developing full body strength and stability while being mindful of imbalances and overuse injuries commonly seen in dance. Lower body power, core strength and single leg stability are emphasized to align with the performance demands of competitive dance.

Sport Specific Training
Performance Run.

Sport Manitoba’s Performance Run program is Winnipeg’s newest and most comprehensive running program for individuals looking to learn to run safely with efficiency and to improve their race times.

Hockey Team Training
High performance hockey training.

Learn from the best to become one of the best. This program is for skilled hockey players of all ages looking to take their game to the next level

Our Team

A dedicated team of experts developing Manitoba’s top athletic talent .

Sport Manitoba Performance is made up of sports psychologists, personal trainers, and other athletic specialists who are committed to the development and overall physical and mental well being of Manitoba’s elite athletes.

Tips and pointers on performing the deadlift exercise

  Athletes and coaches, are you thinking of using...

2019-20 Peak Performance Speaker Series

Sport Manitoba’s P-Series brings together experts from a variety of...

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Tips and pointers on performing the deadlift exercise

  Athletes and coaches, are you thinking of using the deadlift to reach the next level in your sport? Here are some things to consider: The deadlift typically refers to lifting a “dead” or motionless weight off the floor. Deadlifting conventionally has been done with a barbell but other pieces of equipment can also be…


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