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Our Performance Team is offering a range of services during 2020/2021.

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Peak Performance Speaker Series

We bring together experts from a variety of fields to educate athletes, coaches, and parents on health, training, and sport performance.

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Strength and Conditioning

These programs focus on enhancing athletic attributes such as strength, speed, agility, reaction, body control and conditioning.

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Testing & Evaluations

Our team provides on-site and off-site testing services to evaluate a variety of athletic attributes tied to performance and fitness.

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We offer introductory and intermediate nutrition services to provide athletes and their support teams with customized dietary plans.

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Mental Skills Coaching

Tthe athlete’s mindset and mental preparation plays an important role in enhancing or blocking successful athletic performance.

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Yearly Training Plan Development

Our training plan development sessions focus on providing coaches with optimized training schedules for their athletes.

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Sport Manitoba Performance offers year-round developmentally specific training programs for Wheelchair Sport Athletes looking to maximize their athletic potential.

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Athlete Membership

Unlimited semi-private training with a custom program and ongoing support from the Performance Team.

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Performance Programs

Performance Hockey

Athletes interested in participating in Performance Hockey must submit an application to be considered for the program.

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Performance Football

Our Performance Football program is designed to ensure athletes are at their physical peak and are fully prepared for the spring football season.

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Regional Services

Rural and Remote Training

Sport Manitoba Performance offers services throughout the province. Strength and conditioning is available for athletes of all sports and levels.

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Sport Manitoba Performance Partners With IRCOM

The Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba (IRCOM)...

Podcast Episode: At-Home Activities

Our Fitness Centre Manager Giulia De Leo and our...

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Athlete Return to Train Information

Hello Athletes, Sport Manitoba Performance is excited to announce the gradual reopening of our training space with capacity limitations and restrictions beginning on Tuesday, February 16th. Capacity for each time slot is set at five athletes. A strict 75-minute workout slot will be allocated to athletes participating in personalized programs. Athletes are restricted to their…