Sport Manitoba
Fitness Centre

Currently featuring virtual memberships and personal training, as well as outdoor small group programs, our expert team is available to accommodate and support the health and fitness goals of all members and guests.



Take a virtual tour of the

Sport Manitoba Fitness Centre!


Our Fitness Centre is now closed

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Fitness Centre is closed until further notice.

Virtual Membership

Convenience-based fitness for members to access workouts and classes online.

Virtual Personal Training

Take your health and fitness
to the next level

Our highly qualified trainers and coaches have a variety of post-secondary education including degrees in Kinesiology and several specialty certifications. Our trainers are here to educate and motivate you to be the best you can be!


Join our certified instructors for virtual fitness and yoga classes. Classes are included in our memberships.

Personal Training

Our trainers educate and motivate you to be the best you can be! All personal training services are available in our facility or virtually.

At Home Workouts for Beginners

Anytime is a great time to start working out....

Podcast Episode: At-Home Activities

Our Fitness Centre Manager Giulia De Leo and our...

News Post

Improve Your Balance With These 5 Exercises

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, balance training is important for all kinds of daily activities and is important to work on, no matter your age or fitness level. In that post, we shared some easy ways you can try balance training at home.  Here, our Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor, Miguel, will…


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