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We’ve compiled a list of verified provincial and national resources to support the coaches, athletes, parents, and community members involved and impacted by sport in Manitoba.

Athlete Resources

An introductory list of services, programs and events that are designed to support and develop Manitoba’s athletes.


Coach Resources

We understand that coaching is often one of the hardest jobs people take on. Click below to find resources that support your coaching career.


Parent Resources

Whether your child is just starting out in sport or has been participating for years, visit these resources to find support for the role of parents in organized athletics.



The recruitment, training, retention and mentorship of officials is a priority for our sport community.

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Concussion Information

Concussions are among the most serious injuries for athletes of any age. Click below for resources on the treatment and management of concussions.

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Sport Support Line

The Sport Support Line is part of our commitment to ensure sport environments are safe for all Manitobans. Click below for more information about this service.

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Keeping Kids Safe

A guide for parents, coaches, and team managers to help fuel junior athletes.

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Miscellaneous Resources

Browse our additional resources aimed at nurturing and developing athletic involvement in Manitoba.

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Funding for Sport

Supporting the growth of Manitoba’s sports community

Sport Manitoba offers a wide range of training and developmental grants to facilitate the growth of athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers at the community level.


Designed to meet the needs of a variety of athletic goals.

Sport Manitoba's services support the broad spectrum of sport to meet the needs of Manitobans; from grassroots participation and development, to the highest levels of athlete and coach achievement.


Sport Manitoba offers its partners an optional comprehensive insurance program that includes: Liability Insurance with Officers and Directors Wrongful Acts coverage, Tenants Legal Liability, Combination Accident and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy, Property and Equipment, Fidelity and Broad Form Securities. For more information contact Barbara Smith at (204) 925-5645.

Sport Support Line

The Sport Support Line is part of our commitment to ensure sport environments are safe for all Manitobans. Click below for more information about this service.

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General Rental Information

Find offers and promotions from our vehicle and accommodation partners to assist with your event and travel needs.

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Facility Booking

Our adaptable meeting rooms, spacious courts, and newly renovated Hall of Fame offers renters the opportunity to host a range of events and community or business gatherings in unique and educational spaces.

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Donate to Sport

Through the National Sport Trust Fund, choose a specific sport fund or the general Sport Manitoba fund and make a donation to help move sport forward in our communities.


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Sport Manitoba continues to work diligently to make the Sport Manitoba facility safe for all under the Province of Manitoba’s Restoring Safe Services Plan. The following areas of the facility are open with restrictions in place: Sport Manitoba Clinic Sport Manitoba Fitness Centre Sport Manitoba Performance Courts, flex space and meeting rooms Konica Minolta Print…