By Neal Prokop, Sport Performance Specialist

Athletes need to be able to generate rotation. Whether it is shooting a puck, swinging a bat, a golf club, or spiking a volleyball. Having a strong core that can transfer power between the lower and upper body can help take your skills to new levels. Even if you are are aiming for quickness and power, there are also several rotation exercises that you can do slow and controlled. Rotation is an essential movement for athletes, and we certainty support having these exercises in your workouts weekly!

Here are five different exercises and examples that you can use to incorporate a rotation component into your workouts!


#1 – Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are great for working on explosive rotational movements and applying a subtle load to the movements. Remember, when we’re training for power, don’t use a ball that’s too heavy. Get in your ready stance, and let it fly!


#2 – Landmines

The landmine attachment anchors one end of a barbell to the ground, allowing the other side of the barbell to swivel in the rack. There are a variety of exercises you can do with the landmine such as this one.. single arm landmine rotation.


#3 – Cable Machines

Cable machines are great for applying a horizontal load to your body because you don’t need to fight or resist gravity. Here’s an example of a Wide Stance Torso Rotation.



There are a ton of rotational variations using the equipment above. Click the links below to view a few of them!

Medicine Balls



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Happy training!

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