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Fitness programming and services for all Manitobans

Fundamentals of Powerlifting

with Angus

An introductory class to powerlifting for beginners, coach Angus Tang will cover squat, deadlift, and bench press techniques with specified warm-ups, general error corrections, and safety tips. And, of course, coach Angus will give you enough practice time to hone your skills. After the class, you will be able to do the big three in safe and proper form and gradually lift heavier. 

Yoga for Mobility

with Adrienne

Whether due to age, injury, or periods of inactivity, we can grow stiff and lose control over our ranges of motion. Consistent effort is necessary to regain and maintain our mobility - use it or lose it!

Join Adrienne Shum (CYT, FRCms) in an six-week yoga session to dive into how we can improve our range of motion through a strength-based approach. We’ll use creative sequencing that incorporates elements of functional range conditioning to progressively open up different areas of the body (especially shoulders and hips). Whether you're looking to prevent injury or simply feel more at home in your skin, all levels of experience are welcome.

Yoga for Strength

with Adrienne

Building strength is one of the key ways to prevent injury, never mind feeling capable and confident in our bodies. Join Adrienne in this six-week session to explore how a yoga practice can help us cultivate endurance (mental and physical) and stability — while maintaining mobility — simply by using our own body weight. 

These classes are open to all levels; modifications for yoga postures will be offered so that we can all find an appropriate level of challenge in the practice. Expect to move with intentional breathing, break a little sweat, and have some fun!