Football Manitoba's
P.A.S.S. Program

Delivered by Sport Manitoba Performance

Strengthening Manitoba's top athletic talent to develop tomorrow's stars

The PASS program incorporates off-field Power, Agility, Strength and Speed to optimize physical preparation 


  • Individualized athlete development programs adjusted based on age, experience, position, objectives and testing results
  • Flexible time-slots. Train up to 5x per week (in Winnipeg) on your schedule. Your program is developed accordingly.
  • Access to sport science equipment and athlete monitoring platforms (timing gates, Teambuildr, Gym Aware, InBody)
  • One-on-one meetings with the performance team (as requested) to adjust, guide and support your training
  • Sessions cost $25.00 each (75 minutes), which includes programming, coaching and facility access


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Regional In-Person Training Options 

  • Rural Athletes Only:  Receive an individualized program virtually through teambuildr and Sport Manitoba's Video Exercise Database  $50.00/month (includes zoom check-in).

Regional Training Options:

Regional athletes can still have access to the P.A.S.S. Program and complete the workouts at training facilities located in their community.  Sport Manitoba Performance is communicating directly with the following regional facilities.

  • Winkler - RISE Athletics and Wellness | Contact Kurtis by email.
  • Dauphin - Parkland Fitness Club | Contact Nathan by email.

Pricing, payment, and scheduling is coordinated with the regional training facility and is subject to change independently of Sport Manitoba Performance. 

* For programming support, please email with your regional coach cc'd. 

* If you know of a facility or coach that would like to join the regional training list, please contact us.  

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