Strength & Conditioning

Why We Train

  • Increase Athletic Attributes  (Strength, Power, Stamina, Endurance...etc)
  • Improve Stabilization and Movement Efficiency
  • Improve Body Awareness, and Coordination
  • Help Athletes Handle Training & Tournament Loads
  • Cross-Training (Yoga, TRX, Spin)
  • Team Building
  • Periodized Planning allowing Your Team to Peak for Competition.

Training Options

On-Location Services
Team Training

Our team training sessions enhance athletic attributes, improve stabilization and efficiency, help prevent injuries, and building exercises and strength and conditioning programs to help teams perform at their highest level while building a cohesive team unit.

Personal Training

Personal training is a great choice for athletes requiring in-depth workout and workload monitoring.  Our personal training clients range from elite national level athletes, to individuals with little strength and conditioning experience, who may require significant technical coaching.

Semi-Private Training

This option is intended for athletes with moderate strength and conditioning experience, but require coaching and access to an athlete focused training facility. Our performance coaches will assist and lead the athletes through their individualized programs.

Small Group Training

The small group option is intended for a group of athletes of similar fitness levels and experience. Small group training sessions are led by our performance coaches with the athletes'' sport, and developmental age, in mind.


For questions or more information on rates and enrichment packages, please contact Sport Performance Specialists Neal Prokop and/or Jeff Wood.

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