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Sport Manitoba, its partners, as well as local and national philanthropists offer a number of scholarships annually, with the shared goal of highlighting athletic success in the province and providing opportunities for those involved in sport to continue growing within their chosen discipline.

Application deadline for the 2024-2025 scholarship year is March 31, 2024.

For any questions on the scholarships, please contact

Manitoba Foundation for Sports Scholarship - MFFS

A program established to support young athletes of Sport Manitoba's partners who continue to participate in amateur sport while pursuing a post-secondary education on a full-time basis. The scholarships are awarded to graduating high school students entering a post-secondary institution and to students in their second or subsequent year in a post-secondary institution.


Princess Royal Pan Am Scholarship Endowment Fund

A scholarship endowment fund that provides financial support for Manitoba's high-performance athletes in their pursuit of excellence at the national and international levels of competition while serving as a tribute to commemorate the Manitoba visit of Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal in 1999.


Fleming Family Hockey Coach Scholarship

Sponsored by Jennifer Fleming

Jennifer Fleming created the Fleming Family Hockey Coach Scholarship, in memory of her father Jake Fleming and her brother Wayne Fleming, to recognize an upcoming Manitoba hockey coach who shows similar coaching and leadership traits that were characteristic of both Jake and Wayne.


Sport Manitoba Coaching Bursaries

A bursary presented to four students who have demonstrated a commitment to coaching in Manitoba. Our goal is to encourage students to continue coaching while attending a post-secondary institution.


Community Sport Development Grants

Funding support for athletic
development opportunities

We've reformatted our grants application process. We now have fewer forms with selectable categories in those forms.

Sport Manitoba’s Sport Development Grant Program is mainly focused around the impact that these grants will have at the Active Start, FUNdamentals, Learn to Train, Train to Train and Train to Compete stages within the Sport For Life – Long-term Athlete Development framework.

Sport Manitoba is able to help our community sport partners with financial assistance for a variety of sport development opportunities through our sport development grants programs.

Grant Eligibility & Criteria

Find out if you are eligible!

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Sport Development Grant

Sport Manitoba offers a wide range of training and developmental grants to facilitate the growth of athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers at the community level emphasizing training and skill development.


Sport Development Grant Post Event Report

Please complete this form AFTER you have been pre-approved for the Sport Development Grant AND after the completion of your event/program. This report must be submitted no later than four weeks following the completion of the event/program to secure funding and must include a finalized expense budget with actual expenses and receipts.

Fill out

Coach or Official Assistance Grant

Helps coaches and officials with financial assistance to attend certification courses and professional development opportunities.


2017 Canada Summer Games Legacy Fund

Sport Manitoba has been engaged by the 2017 Canada Summer Games Host Society to manage the legacy fund resulting from the 2017 Canada Summer Games held in Winnipeg, Gimli, and Kenora, ON. All inquiries regarding the fund can be directed to


Additional Funding

Support for Manitoba’s
active youth

Beyond our grant and scholarship programs, the below funding opportunities are dedicated to making it easier for children in Manitoba to access organized physical activity so they can achieve personal growth through the adventure of sport.

Children's Fitness Tax Credits

Manitoba’s Fitness Tax Credit allows claims for fitness activities for children under 16 and by young adults aged 16 through 24.

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KidSport is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under. Through a confidential application process, they provide grants so kids can play a season of sport.

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Safe Sport Summit

Sport Manitoba is proud to host our first Safe Sport Summit! Titled Building a Safer and Stronger Sport Culture, the 2024 Sport Manitoba Summit will bring together sport administrators, coaches, parents, officials, athletes, and volunteers from across all sports in Manitoba. The event will include professional development opportunities, presentations, engagement activities, and resources that will…

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