Play More Be More

The #PlayMoreBeMore campaign is all about helping Manitobans, especially parents, learn about the dangers of specializing in one sport at a young age vs the many benefits of kids playing multiple sports.

Playing a variety of sports will help young athletes:

  • Excel in their chosen sport.
    E.g. a hockey player who also continues to play volleyball and soccer – soccer is excellent for conditioning, change of direction abilities, and controlling a puck in skates, while volleyball is excellent for leg power and reaction skills. Another example is how cycling and skiing can develop lower body strength for a speed skater.
  • Benefit their overall athleticism.
  • Avoid overuse injuries that come with repeatedly doing the same sport over and over for several years.
  • Avoid burnout.
  • Have fun and walk away with a positive and enjoyable experience in sport and physical activity. 



We’ve also collected a multitude of resources below that will help you learn more about the benefits behind the multi-sport message.

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