By Sam Cortes, Communications Coordinator

The fitness studio was dimly lit with glowing, flameless candles and the emerging morning sun. It was my first time instructing a fusion class, which is a blend of pilates and yoga. 

It was a cozy and relaxing start to that January day in 2018, for both myself and the class.

This is one of many earliest and favourite memories at the fitness centre, and one that kicked off what continues to be a fulfilling experience being a part of this community.


Variety is Rewarding 

One of the things I love about our fitness centre is the variety of workshops, programs, and classes that are inclusive, fun, and help you reach your fitness goals.

Take the Barbell Club, for example. It was so much fun to practice the technique involved in compound lifts, like the benchpress, deadlift, and backsquat. 

It was my first time incorporating each barbell movement into my workout plan, and it was motivating to see how much I could increase the weight as the program progressed.

I felt strong and took away a lot. To this day, I still incorporate compound lifts into my own programming or in classes and personal training.



All About A Feeling

No matter what a fitness centre has to offer, there’s something to be said about the overall feeling it gives. To feel comfortable to work towards your goals in a judgment-free zone alongside others doing the same.

Something that sticks out to me is the friendly nature of our clientele and staff. This is not a hot take, as client feedback has been reiterating this for years!

There is no greater feeling than walking into a gym where people know your name and return your smile as you pass by throughout your workout. I’ve learned so much through talking with members, whether it’s restaurants to eat at or cities to travel to.

Other facilities can be intimidating and isolating, but the Sport Manitoba Fitness Centre feels warm and friendly.