Sport Manitoba's Performance Centre offers a High Performance Hockey program for Manitobans. Take a look at the program overview and consider submitting your application. You can customize your own payment plan so it's super easy to commit today!

Our program consists of:

  • Fitness/Performance assessments
  • Individualized training programs
  • On-ice skills and conditioning
  • Recovery sessions
  • Sport Medicine assessments
  • Nutrition consultations and meal plans
  • Sport Psychology sessions

Summer 2019 Program Overview

Physical Assessment

Prior to the start of the program in May, athletes will go through a battery of movement, body composition, strength, flexibility, speed, power and agility tests, conducted by the Performance Centre's certified strength & conditioning specialists and physiotherapists from our Sport Medicine Clinic. Follow up testing in August will compare results from the start to the finish the training program. For those athletes still playing during the May testing sessions, a second round of testing will take place in June. On-Ice testing with Sport Testing (TM) will be done in June and again in August.  All performance testing data will be accessible to all athletes through website.

Hockey Strength, Aerobic & Anaerobic Training

As athletes, we need to build a solid foundation of strength, flexibility, stamina and athleticism.  Without building the foundation the athlete’s body will never be fully prepared to develop the explosive speed and power required to play hockey at its highest level. Once we build that foundation we begin to develop the key performance characteristics for hockey (speed, quickness, power and anaerobic power and capacity). Training programs are modified every 4 weeks and are personalized according to initial assessment results and personal goals.

Speed, Agility, Quickness & Explosiveness for Hockey

To optimize speed, agility, quickness and explosive power, athlete’s must first have a solid foundation of:

  • coordination
  • balance
  • strength
  • athleticism

This aspect of the athlete’s training program provides maximum carry over to the on-ice conditioning program and to improving on-ice speed, agility, quickness and power. Unique methods and training tools developed for the High Performance Hockey program will ensure that the athlete will work hard, have fun and perform to the best of their ability.

On-Ice Hockey Skills & Conditioning

The ultimate preparation tool for the upcoming season. Innovative drills, unique tools and hockey coaching experience enable our team to coach our athletes to new heights on the ice.  The athlete will improve explosiveness, speed, agility, quickness, shot power and overall skill. Combining the strength training with the on-ice skills, the High Performance Hockey program will enhance the athlete’s ability to fight off checks and win those important one on one battles and perform all skills at a very high tempo in game situations.

Yoga/Movement Recovery

A weekly class to recover from an intense week of training.  An opportunity to improve flexibility, enhance mobility and stabilize joint end ranges while focusing on breathing and relaxation.

Sport Medicine

The Sport Medicine Clinic at the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre is a full-service clinic that includes: physicians, physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, athletic therapists, dietitians, and sport psychologists. As an athlete, as part of your baseline testing, you will receive a high performance assessment from a physiotherapist to make sure your muscles and joints are functioning optimally. Further, if any ongoing treatment is needed, all of your needs can be met under one roof, to make sure you are able to prepare for your upcoming season.

Additional Services

Learn more about all our additional services including sport medicine, nutrition and sport psychology here

What Level Are You?

Professional Group (Ages 18 and up) - athletes must be currently playing in a professional league, recently drafted to the NHL or have signed a professional contract to qualify to participate in this group... learn more

Junior/College (1998-2002 Birth Year) - athletes must be currently playing WHL or MJHL or in the Provincial Midget AAA League playing Junior in the 2017/18 season... learn more

Midget AAA Group (2002-2004 Birth Year) - athletes must be currently playing AAA or High School.  We will accept AA players on a case by case basis only... learn more

Bantam AAA Group (2005-2006 Birth Year) - athletes must be currently playing AAA or AA hockey.  We will accept 2004 A1 players on a case by case basis only... learn more

Peewee AA Group (2007-2008 Birth Year) - Athletes must be currently playing AA or A1 hockey... learn more

Questions: call 204-925-5751 or email

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