By Sam Cortes, Communications Coordinator

Chad Posthumus made his Winnipeg Sea Bears debut in his hometown on May 27 at the Canada Life Centre in their inaugural game against the Vancouver Bandits.

The six-foot-11 forward said stepping onto the court in Winnipeg adds a special element to tip off the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL) season.

“The opportunity to play any game at home in front of your friends and family is amazing, let alone pro sports.”

Chad is a team player. He’s focused on working alongside his teammates to put forth the best effort and achieve the best results in each game. He’s setting his goals now and is looking to play in every game this season and stay injury-free.

“As a team, every goal, every team you ever play on, is to win that championship and win the league. That’s always number one and it’s something that we’re going to try and bring and do from day one.”


Chad Posthumus on the Sport Manitoba courts. (Credit: Winnipeg Sea Bears)
Chad Posthumus on the Sport Manitoba courts. (Credit: Winnipeg Sea Bears)
Training at Sport Manitoba

To hit the ground running, Chad has been getting in court time at Sport Manitoba, and has used the facility for a number of years since it was built as a legacy of the 2017 Canada Summer Games.

“They’re top, best facilities in Winnipeg in terms of what there is, what they have, the size, the layout, just how nice everything is.”

The three full-size basketball courts are also just steps away from the performance centre, medical clinic, and fitness centre.

“Having that central location being right downtown is awesome. It’s kind of close to everything. And me living right downtown myself, it’s a couple minutes away and you have access to the best courts in the city, it’s phenomenal.”


The Importance for Young Athletes’ Access to Courts and Resources  

Growing up, Chad was one of the best high school basketball players in the country, averaging 39 points, 17 rebounds, and seven blocks per game over his senior season with the River East Kodiaks, and believes it’s important for young athletes in the community to have access to the resources they need to develop their game.

“Especially nowadays, where everything is becoming more and more and more competitive from such an early age, you need [facilities] for these kids. I could say you even need more, but having a really good one with opportunities available for younger kids to get in and get on the court, and start working at a younger age with Basketball Manitoba, with Sport Manitoba – It’s big, it’s really important. Just to get in there at that grassroots level.”

Visit the Winnipeg Sea Bears website for the 2023 game schedule and watch them go for the championship! For more info about Sport Manitoba court bookings, visit our website.