By Sam Cortes, Communications Coordinator

Which medicine ball do I use? Why are there different sizes? Why do some have sand in them? What do I even do with them? 

These are some questions you have probably asked yourself at the Fitness Centre. This blog will cover all the necessary information about the medicine ball and how to implement today’s exercises! 

First, let’s classify each type of medicine ball. Here at our fitness centre, we have three different types of medicine balls: 

  1. Medicine ball
  2. Slam ball
  3. Wall ball


All three allow you to perform various exercises, but the intention of each exercise will vary because of the usage.


Medicine Ball

The medicine ball has a rubber shell that provides it with weight. It is similar to a basketball, where you can bounce the ball, but it is heavier. The medicine ball is smaller in diameter and varies in size depending on its weight. You can operate it through dynamic movements that challenge your balance and coordination.


Slam Ball

The slam ball has a “dead weight” feeling, because it is sand-filled. The recommended use of slam balls is explosive and powerful movements, one rep at a time. Because it isn’t bouncy, you can slam it on the ground or wall, and it won’t bounce back at you.


Wall Ball

The wall balls are larger in design. Their outer shell feels like leather, and they are softer to the touch than a medicine ball. This allows them to absorb the impact better than the medicine ball. They are made to be thrown at walls and provide a slight bounce. They can be used in repeated bouts in their set, allowing users to explore various multidirectional throws with them.


Medicine Ball Workout

This is how I would use these medicine balls in a workout.

In our warm-up phase, I’ll use a medicine ball to let my body explore the weight of the ball. I’ll perform slow movements to warm up my body. These exercises are for feel and not a set and reps type deal. I want my body to feel ready, so I will repeat this “flow” of exercises until I feel ready. Ideally, we want to explore our movements in the full range of motion in our warm-up.

All About Medicine Balls – Video 1 – YouTube

MB Squat and push out, MB Spine Halos, MB Golf Rotations, MB Squat and Extension, MB OH SA Perturbations

Next, in the power phase of the workout, I will either use the slam ball or wall ball, depending on my goal. The slam ball will be used for single-effort throws, while the wall ball will be a more continuous-effort throw.


All About Medicine Balls – Video 2 (


In the main lifts portion of our workout, we can either choose to use a medicine ball to strengthen our bodies or pair it with an exercise that performs a similar movement. 


All About Medicine Balls – Video 3 (


All About Medicine Balls – Video 4 (


Next, we can program our core exercises with the medicine ball or perform a short conditioning circuit.


All About Medicine Balls – Video 5 (


There are many ways to incorporate medicine balls into your workout routine. I hope this helps. Don’t be afraid to explore your movements with the various medicine balls.




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