Dance & Yoga Instructor

Tracy has been a practitioner of yoga for 12 years and a dancer for over 20. As health & wellness became her central focus, Tracy shifted her attention solely to positive energy, proper alignment and balance of the body and mind. Dedicated to providing a variety of programs to help ensure a safe and fun fitness practice that suits different needs, Tracy teaches the Hatha Yoga, Barre and Hip Hop Fitness programs offered at Sport Manitoba. Devoted to helping people obtain and surpass their personal health and wellness goals, Tracy enjoys working with people of all walks of life in class or private sessions. She completed her yoga certification in Dharamshala, India and traveled to New York and Toronto to expand her knowledge on dance.

Tracy Tomchuk

How to Stick to Your Nutrition Plan Over the Holidays

By Shannon Penfound, Sport Manitoba Fitness Centre   With...

The perfect fitness class for beginners!

I’d like to tell you about one of our...

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It can be difficult to make it to the gym during the holidays. That’s why we’re offering you an extra dose of motivation with our FITmas Challenge! Between Dec. 1 and Dec. 24, we’re challenging you to complete 15 group fitness classes. With nearly 30 weekly classes to choose from there are lots of options…