When: July 31st, 2023
Where: Sport Manitoba (145 Pacific Ave), Winnipeg, MB

We’re pleased to host our annual multi-sport summer camp again in 2023! Summer Camp offers a variety of activities that promote and develop confidence, teamwork, movement fundamentals, multi-sport skills, and other key athletic attributes.

This year’s Summer Camp is open to kids aged 8-11 and is the perfect opportunity for kids to get active while having fun and trying out multiple sports and activities.

If you’ve never visited 145 Pacific Ave before, you can take a virtual tour of our facility here!



Week 1: Jul. 31 – Aug. 4, 2023

Week 2: Aug. 8-11, 2023



Each week has three groups of 20 kids. The week one age groups are:

Week two groups are:

Each week has 60 spots available totaling 120 spots at Summer Camp. Registration by clicking on one of the groups or via the button at the bottom of the page.



Week 1: $259

Week 2: $209


Schedule and Itinerary

In collaboration with several Provincial Sport Organizations, each day will feature a pair of sport showcases focused on basic skill development and mini-games led by some of our sport-specific coaches and athletes. Sport showcases include flag football, basketball, badminton, soccer, fencing, table tennis, cricket, and others.

Summer Camp will run approximately 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This section will be updated with full-day schedules and detailed drop off and pick up time/locations at a later point.


What to Bring

Registrants should bring a pair of indoor shoes, gym clothes, a water bottle, lunch, and a snack.

Full program details will be sent to parents via email nearer to the event date.


The Benefits of Multi-Sport

Summer Camp is excellent for kids to experience the benefits of playing multiple sports. Learning and participating in a variety of activities can help them excel in their chosen sport down the line, and it can also benefit their overall athleticism, help prevent overuse injuries, and, most importantly, keeps sport fun!

Visit our Play More Be More webpage to learn more about the possible downsides of specializing in a sport too early as well as the many benefits of kids playing multiple sports.


Parent Testimonials 

We’ve had great turnout in past years. This is what other parents had to say:

“My child really enjoyed the camp and couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to return the following week. Great exposure to different sports. I commend the excellent staff and organizers. I really appreciate making me feel safe leaving my child in your care for a few hours for the week. Many security features were upheld and provided which we have not experienced at other camps.”



“My son loved camp and came home excited each day. He loved that he could try new sports that he wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to like fencing! The staff were caring and friendly. Pick up and drop off went way more smoothly than anticipated!”



“My 9 year old enjoyed the camp and learning about different sports. It was his 2nd year at camp. He really liked it.”